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NASCAR and Handbells - You've got questions
Information you need to know.

  1. NASCAR facilities are fully accessible.  Wheelchairs are welcome.
  2. Mandatory Rehearsal and Security Check 1 p.m. on Race day at Richmond Motor Speedway
  3. Race Time and Performance are at 3 p.m.
  4. You don't have to stay for the race but those riding the bus will need to stay
  5. If bringing your own music stand it must be collapsible.
  6. Performance T-shirt provided for ringers, wear khaki pants and comfortable shoes
  7. Gloves are not required unless your director requires them
  8. Bring your own bells unless playing a low bass position
  9. Concessions are available at the race but you may bring in a sealed clear bottle of water
  10. Clear bags or a soft sided cooler maximum size of 14" x 14" x14", Our handbell gig bags are allowed
  11. Music is digital and will be sent to your email address
  12. Ringing assignments will be made by June 24th - One month in advance.
  13. Please call Julie or Katie for any additional questions at 540 - 356 - 5597

Please Contact Me For More Information and Registration Help

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