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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to bring my own bells? Do I have to bring my whole ensemble? Is transportation to and from the concert venues included? Do Global Bronze Production Events use Chimes? Do I need to learn the music/repertoire in advance? Which bell brands are accepted? Do we need to bring tables and pads or any additional equipment? What is the concert attire?

It's best if you bring your own bells but depending on the location there are bells available for rent.  Contact us for rental opportunities at your performance event

No. You can register either individually or as a group:

A "group" is defined as a complete ensemble of 8 or more ringers from the same organization.

Transportation will be provided for the majority of residencies, but not all—please check for event-specific travel guidelines.  For those who stay at our host lodging all of your transportation is provided at no additional charge. If you choose to stay in your own accomodations, you can purchase transportation for an additional charge.

Generally we will only use handbells during our performance events.  If we utilize chimes, it will be advertised clearly in the registration information.  

Yes. Music must be learned prior to arrival at the residency.
- For GCR events the average repertoire ranges from level 2+ to 3+
- For Auditioned events the repertoire ranges from level 3 to level 6
- For advanced music (levels 4 and up), a supplementary audition recording may be requested

GBP performance opportunities ONLY accept Malmark, Schulmerich and White Chapel Bells

No. For GCR events everything is rung off the table! No table techniques or accidentals will be used.  For GBP auditioned performance events all necessary equipment is provided.  Performers purchase their own music at all GBP events.

Standard Attire: “Concert Black” - suits or tuxedos for men and long black dresses or black pants and black blouse for women.
Great Christmas Ring: Performance shirt (provided) and Black or Khaki pants as prescribed by the event.  Signature Holiday Performance Gloves - limited supply for purchase at residency location.

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